What will you be doing June 5-13, 2020?

Why not spend a week in Guatemala making a difference in the lives of impoverished children?

What will you be doing June 5-13, 2020?  image




Why not spend a week in Guatemala making a difference in the lives of impoverished children?

The all-inclusive trip cost is $1450. If you participate in or run a fundraiser on behalf of the mission, your trip fee will be reduced to $1350.

To make a payment click on the donate button. Select the person whose account should be credited under: Apply my Donation to. If the name doesn't appear, contact Lynn and she will add it. Making your deposit secures you a spot on the team subject to conditions noted below. Once accepted, you are encouraged to set up a monthly payment plan making sure the balance is paid by March 1, 2020.

Our team will be composed of people willing to step out of their comfort zones, to serve as needed and have a 'go with the flow' attitude. Trip payments are non-refundable, unless you do not pass the background check or are not otherwise approved by the team leader. Matthew 2540 is a 501c3. Our EIN # is 47-2329664. Consult your accountant to determine the applicability of mission trip donations to your specific situation. Team size is limited.

On the trip we will help the children and their families supported by Matthew 2540 donors be more successful in school through projects such as running medical and dental clinics, providing glasses, teaching vocational skills, reading, building beds and just celebrating being together through fun and games. Everyone who goes is involved in every project. There's no time to be bored but plenty of time to make a difference!

We specifically need the following: 4 physicians and/or nurse practitioners, 2 pharmacists or one plus a pharmacy tech, 1 dentist, 7 interpreters for the health professionals, unless one of them speaks Spanish, a construction project leader, a career fair project leader and people who can teach a specific skill course. Some of these spots are already filled.

The team will fly on a group fare from Charlotte, NC. We will stay in a hotel in Antigua and ride by team bus 30 minutes daily to and from our work site. You will have access to clean water, delicious food and have never had an issue with personal safety. Children 7-13 are welcome on the trip with a parent. Teens age 14-17 may travel solo with parental permission. Maximum age to apply is 99.

If you are interested in improving your Spanish, join the trip leader, Lynn, as she flies down the Saturday or Sunday prior to attend Spanish school. $300 covers your private room with bath, 3 meals a day, in-country airport transportation, 20 hours of one-on-one instruction and afternoon group activities. If interested contact her asap as you will need to book and pay for your flight outside of the group but in conjuction with group flights.

If you want to apply for the trip but have questions about how you might fit in or Spanish school, email Lynn@matthew2540.net or call 864-993-6715.