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Sponsors provide a lifeline to a brighter future for an underprivileged child

Children attend La Promesa school, our partner, in Guatemala either free of charge or for a very minimal contribution from their parents. But somehow the school, which is located in a very poor area of Guatemala, has to pay teachers, purchase supplies and curriculum, mostly without the help of the student's parents. In fact, if they had to pay what it truly costs, these children simply couldn't attend. That's where the partnership of Matthew 2540 comes in. And that's where our donors and sponsors come in. You provide the funding that changes lives by making it possible each year for them to attend school. Erika, Cristopher and Lester could use your help today. After selecting your monthly support amount, you will have the opportunity to name the child you wish to sponsor along with submitting your contact info. Thank you!

Erika Sarai López Tomas

Erika was born February 13, 2015. She lives with her parents and brothers in a house with one bedroom. They have a baby chicken. Her favorite class is Bible because she loves learning about God. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Erika likes playing with her dolls and other toys.

Cristopher was born November 12, 2012. He lives with his grandmother, his aunts, his uncle, and his mom. He is an only child. His favorite subject in school is math because he likes solving problems. When he is grown up, he wants to be a pediatrician. He enjoys reading, writing, playing soccer,
and playing with his cousin.

Lester was born May 28, 2005. He lives with his parents and two siblings. He loves going to school because of his amazing teachers. His favorite subject is English because he knows that if he learns English, he will have many job opportunities in the future. His dream is to be a chef in a restaurant because he really enjoys cooking. In his free time, he enjoys reading his Bible, writing, and riding his bike. Lester has asthma, which is exasperated by volcanic ash.