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Sponsors provide a lifeline to a brighter future for an underprivileged child

Children attend La Promesa school, our partner in Guatemala, either free of charge or for a very minimal contribution from their parents. But somehow the school, which is located in a very poor area of Guatemala, has to pay teachers, purchase supplies and curriculum, mostly without the help of the student's parents. In fact, if they had to pay what it truly costs, these children simply couldn't attend. That's where the partnership of Matthew 2540 comes in. And that's why our donors and sponsors are so very important! You provide the funding that changes lives by making it possible each year for them to attend school. Sarai, Roslim, Maria, and Himni could use your help today. After selecting your monthly support amount, you will have the opportunity to name the child you wish to sponsor along with submitting your contact info. There are many other students who need sponsors, so please contact me to connect you to the best fit for your family. cammie@matthew2540.net Thank you!


Sarai is a 4-year old student at La Promesa. Her mother came to the school asking for help because the father is an alcoholic and very violent. She was very fearful and unhappy when she first came, but thanks be to God, little by little she has begun to feel safe. Sarai was very badly malnourished, but since she has been at the school she has recovered well. Her mother works cleaning houses, but it is difficult to find work. Her prayer request is for her father to stop drinking and hanging out with bad friends.


Roslim is eight years old and has three siblings. He lives with his stepmother and his dad, but sadly his life is very difficult as they live in a very precarious condition since his dad does not contribute much to his household. His stepmother sometimes finds work and sometimes doesn’t. Often they don’t have food. Roslim trys to sell things and seeks to work other odd jobs. His stepmother and his little brothers suffer from malnutrition and abuse. He is a very responsible child and tries to give his best in his studies. His prayer request is that God will always provide them with food.

Maria Carmelina

Carmelina is 13 years old and lives with her little sister, her mother and father. Her father works away from home and comes to see them once a month. They practically live alone with their mother in a rather difficult situation financially and also because of the father's treatment towards her mother. He is very violent and that has affected the girls. Carmelina is very quiet and shy and has not made many friends because she finds it difficult to relate to her companions. It is also a little difficult for her studies as she did not have the knowledge of technology before coming to La Promesa, but she has strived to give her best and is achieving. Her prayer request is that she would be able to continue studying at La Promesa.

Himni Leonardo

Himni is 13 years old and lives with his 6-year-old sister, mother and father. The father does not always have work and the mother sells “empanadas” to help bring in income. This time has been very difficult since her mother was diagnosed with cancer. She is been treated and that aggravates their economic situation. He is very shy and timid. It has been very difficult for him to study, specially technology, but thanks to God, he has been making progress. His progress is for God to heal his mother.