What does climbing Kilimanjaro have to do with education?

The kids we support have a tougher climb out of their persistent poverty.


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The kids we support have a tougher climb out of their persistent poverty.

So we aim to highlight this difficulty by climbing the tallest peak in Africa.

Please support our Matthew2540 climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro. We leave September 20. We're climbing Kilimanjaro to symbolize how tough life is when you don't have access to education. Before Matthew2540, the children of La Promesa and their families were doomed to live in abject poverty with no options to escape or improve. What if you or your children never had an opportunity to go to school? What would your life be like? Kilimanjaro is 19,341 feet high. Acute mountain sickness is a very real threat. We need you to help us make it to the top by praying for our safe ascent and descent. The children need you to donate into a fund for purchasing land and building a permanent location for the Matthew2540 school in Guatemala or to help fund the 2019 school year. By doing so, we'll count you as a member of our climbing team and together we will provide options out of poverty for the children who attend our school. Our trekking team is composed of Lynn, David and John Isenhower along with Lynn's brother Mark Bollinger. Our goal is to raise at least the height of Kilimanjaro in dollars through our climb. If 100 people each donate 1 cent per foot of elevation, how cool would that be?! Thank you in advance for your support.

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